Sports Field Development

Bringing Science to the Surface.

It starts with a thorough evaluation.
Most manufacturers of artificial turf will be happy to sell you their product without question. No site analysis or evaluation goes into the process, so the buyer may or may not get a product suitable for their specific needs. At SFPI, we do things differently.

We perform a complete evaluation to understand the site environment and dynamics before making a recommendation and designing a solution. For example, a review of US Geologic Survey data will tell you that most surface water from heavy rainfall will drain horizontally. So while most contractors will install complex, expensive vertical drainage systems, we opt for simpler, much more efficient horizontal drainage systems that cost as much as 60-70% less.

Our technology provides a home field advantage.

Innovation drives our business model. We use the latest research and technology to deliver superior performance and a competitive advantage.

Single-source, turn-key athletic facility construction.

Unlike artificial turf companies that simply provide a product that still needs to be installed, we are a turn-key provider that not only manufactures and installs a superior, proprietary synthetic turf, but also designs, engineers, and constructs complete sports complexes. One company, providing a seamless, comprehensive, custom-tailored solution for your athletic facility needs.