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A New Generation of Synthetic Turf Technology

When safety and performance matter most, Replicated Grass is the choice.

Complete synthetic turf field installation

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Replicated Grass’s superior performance

What makes our proprietary recyclable synthetic turf an industry leader?

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Replicated Grass eco-friendly synthetic turf is the cost-efficient solution.

A 100% recyclable, eco-friendly turf system designed to be in harmony with nature.

This new generation, environmentally-friendly synthetic turf is a technologically-advanced playing field that provides superior safety and performance on par with a natural grass athletic field while addressing the health and safety issues presented by older synthetic turf fields.

Sports Field Partners is your single source for the industry’s leading engineered athletic field surfaces – we can provide our proprietary Replicated Grass synthetic turf for you to install, or engineer and install a technologically-advanced, 5-layer synthetic sports field and associated facilities as a complete, turn-key system, ready for use.

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