Sports Field Partners New Relationship with NEXXFIELD

In 2023, Sports Field Partners started a new relationship with NEXXFIELD, a leader in non-rubber systems and the world leader in removable turf systems. This new partnership for the southeast of the USA allows Sports Field Partners access to cutting-edge technologies for complete NEXXFIELD TURF SYSTEMS. Sports Field Partners provides high-end synthetic turf athletic fields and products to high schools, colleges, universities, municipalities and sports organizations.

One of the country’s few turn-key providers of athletic facilities and sports fields, Sports Field Partners. uniquely marries innovative civil engineering principles with advanced material science to design, manufacture, construct and maintain state-of-the-art sports facilities incorporating “Replicated Grass” and drainage products. Unlike traditional artificial turf installations that utilize a stone base with sparsely-woven turf and a lot of SBR rubber to help offset poor shock absorption, the Nexxfield turf system design features an industry-leading shock attenuation pad that offers substantially improved shock absorption. In fact, GMAX tests to determine the surface hardness of our synthetic turf consistently score values under 75 – well below the accepted industry standard of 165. This innovation is only available as complete systems installed by Sports Field Partners. Our nation-wide team of experts includes design engineers, scientists, professional athletes, athletic directors, and manufacturing specialists, all dedicated to producing and installing the safest, most environmentally-friendly, and advanced athletic fields and sports complexes available today.